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Gayorzea, an official Discord Partner is home to Final Fantasy XIV's LGBTQ community with thousands of members from all over the world. Created in March 2016, it is a welcoming & friendly safe space for LGBTQ gamers and their allies and provides the means by which players can connect with, reach out to and enjoy FFXIV (and other games) with like-minded individuals.

Sadly even today, all around the world & especially online, members of the LGBTQ community face hate & aggression. Gayorzea is a pocket of calm & friendship away from that and is widely recognised for it's pleasant atmosphere.

We maintain a list of active LGBTQ Free Companies for players looking to find a new home for themselves, a Cross-World Linkshell and Fellowship on every Datacenter for you to chat in and meet other players. We also help LGBTQ artists and streamers reach out to and share their content with the wider community!

It matters not who you are, where you're from, what you believe or who you love. You are welcome here with us!

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Every year in June, Gayorzea holds Final Fantasy XIV’s largest gathering of LGBTQ players to commemorate Pride Month. It is a time for us to come together on the anniversary of the Stonewall Riots and remember those who have fought for our rights, to celebrate who we are and the friendships we've formed through the game and Gayorzea, and to positively acknowledge the progress that has been made, even if it’s something simple like same-sex marriages in FFXIV!

Our events are not politically charged, they are just a time to come together in friendship, meet other members of the community, make some new friends and have some fun! To that end we collaborate with other LGBTQ-friendly player-ran communities such as GPosers, Aetherflow Media and Eorzea Collection and our message is simple: "love knows no gender".

We hope that you will join us for the next one, be part of the fun and share the moment with us!

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Other Projects

Ser Aymeric

We created the Ser Aymeric Discord bot initially to provide fun and engaging spying on Gayorzea's community. However, it has grown to be popular on Discord in general with over 1.5 million subjects world wide!

We're extremely proud of it and hope you will enjoy using it too.

The project was officially verified by Discord on the 5th May 2020, which means they are happy with the privacy and security measures and standards we've implemented.

For more information about what it does and how to use it, please see seraymeric.com. You can also follow updates from the project's Twitter account @serbotmeric and get help from its friendly developers (Lethys and Roxas) in its support Discord server discord.gg/38GdPqK.


How do I join?
Please ensure you are using Discord and then use our invite link discord.gg/gayorzea. You will be required to introduce yourself to members of the staff team before you are granted access.
Does membership cost anything?
Gayorzea is entirely free, and all our staff are volunteers who do not get paid. Any competitions or giveaways we run are funded entirely by the generosity of the staff team or other members.
What staff positions do you have?
Our staff team consists of a diverse range of individuals who fill the following roles:
  • Administrators who are our most experienced members of staff and have demonstrated leadership, ingenuity and a discernable motivation to see the community grow, and be better than ever.
  • Moderators are our senior members of the moderation team, they are experienced in dealing with a wide range of issues in running an LGBTQ community and play an active role in leading it.
  • Junior Moderators who are new recruits to the moderation team, they are learning the ropes of moderating an LGBTQ community and aspire to be great leaders of ours.
  • Community Managers are vital members of the staff team too and help out managing our Cross World Linkshells, Fellowships and generally help out around the community.
How do I apply for a staff position?
We announce in our news channel when we are looking for members to join our team, but you may approach an Administrator to register your interest too. Please keep in mind that we only consider members who have been a member of the community for at least 3 months, have been an active participant in it, and have not previously had any warnings from an existing member of staff.
Where do you hold events?
Since we have members from all around the world who play FFXIV on every Datacenter, we tend to rotate where our events are held so that everyone gets a chance at joining the fun. We usually involve some form of community polling to help us decide these things though, so do pay attention to our news channel.
How do I advertise my LGBTQ-friendly Free Company with Gayorzea?
Please contact a member of the Administrator team with your Free Company's Lodestone profile and tell us a bit about it. Generally we consider FCs that already have worked to build a community.
How do I support the community?
We do not ask for any financial support, we fund the community ourselves. The best way for members of the community to support it are by being friendly, chatty, helpful to others and coming along to events to say hey and make friends! We may run events from time to time to raise money for charity (in a transparent and independent manner), you can also participate with these if you wish.
Do you work with other communities or content creators?
Yes, we are always happy to work with LGBTQ friendly communities, projects and content creators with our own events, or theirs and in some cases we may be amenable to helping to promote them for the benefit and enjoyment of members of our own community too.
What are your rules?
Firstly, we enforce Discord's behavioural guidelines and partner code of conduct. This essentially means we do not permit discriminatory jokes and language and we do not allow offensive, derogatory, violent, or sexually explicit content. This is to ensure that Gayorzea is a nice place for anyone to hang out regardless of age, sexuality, gender, race, e.t.c. Gayorzea is also not a place to air personal disputes with other individuals, communities or projects.
What happens if I break the rules?
In minor cases, you will be given a warning privately by a member of staff, and we will give you up to 3 of these before taking more permanent action. In more serious cases, however, or in cases where the individual shows little respect for the rules we may decide to forego the warning process. In cases where a user violates Discord's Terms of Service or common law a ban will instantly be applied and the individual will be reported to Discord's Trust and Safety department.