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Gayorzea is a free online community based on Discord for Final Fantasy XIV's LGBTQ players, one of the largest of its kind, with thousands of members from all over the world. Created in March 2016 and an official Discord partner, it is a welcoming and friendly safe space for LGBTQ gamers and their allies and provides the means by which players can connect with, reach out to and enjoy FFXIV (and other games) with like-minded individuals.

Sadly even today, all around the world & especially online, members of the LGBTQ community face hate & aggression. Gayorzea is a pocket of calm & friendship away from that and is widely recognised for it's pleasant atmosphere.

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We maintain a list of active LGBTQ Free Companies for players looking to find a new home for themselves, a Cross-World Linkshell and Fellowship on every Datacenter for you to chat in and meet other players. We also help LGBTQ artists and streamers reach out to and share their content with the wider community!

It matters not who you are, where you're from, what you believe or who you love. You are welcome here with us!

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Pride Month

Every year in June, Gayorzea holds FFXIV's largest gathering of LGBTQ players to celebrate Pride Month on alternating Datacenters. We usually invite other FFXIV communities to participate and join the celebrations.

In 2019, we invited GPosers and Aetherflow media to join us and we all had a lot of fun! Members of the community met each other in-game for the first time, took screenshots together, and hung out on voice chat.

Pride month is a time for us to come together and celebrate who we are and the friendships we've formed through FFXIV and Gayorzea.

Come say hi at the next one!

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Ser Aymeric

We created the Ser Aymeric Discord bot initially to provide fun and engaging features for Gayorzea's community. However, it has grown to be popular on Discord in general!

For more information including what it does and how to use it, please see